Mary Lonergan Art ~ October 2022

Hello lovelies!

How’s the world treating you? Did you enjoy your Summer? It feels like it lasted about a week!!
I hope you were able to get out and be with the fabulous people in your life.

I had the good fortune to spend a few days in New York this year and as usual, it stole my heart. Happens every time. The work here is a reflection of my mornings in Central Park. It had been so long since I spent time there and it brought back great memories of my trips to New York as a young adult when I lived on the east coast. I hope you enjoy them!


Central Park Series, 1

18h x 24w
acrylic + ink on canvas

CP Series 1

Spending time in nature, surrounded by trees and flowers… it’s just an absolute necessity. Central Park never disappoints. I couldn’t get over the boundless shades of GREEN! Did you know that the human eye can see more shades in the color green than it can in any other color?? It’s an evolutionary trait. It’s also the reason they use this color for night vision goggles!


Central Park Series, 2

18h x 24w
acrylic + ink on canvas

CP Series 2

Couldn’t you just land softly right here? The combination of green, violet and gold feels so inviting! This piece feels like a Summer afternoon in the park where the day is endless and I have all the time in the world…


Central Park Series, 3

20h x 16w
acrylic on canvas

CP Series 3

Here, the pinks and yellows of blooming flowers begin to emerge. I love the contrast they create to the dark graphite of the mall and the large rock slabs and boulders that run throughout the park. There’s so much light and energy everywhere and the weight of the rock creates the perfect balance.


Central Park Series, 4

14h x 11w
acrylic + ink on canvas

CP Series 4

Are you getting outside? Can you find a place to just stop and breathe? Not an easy task, I know. Perhaps a bit of pink and green inside your home or office can help! This piece has room and it feels light and cool and grounded.


Central Park Series, 5

18h x 24w
acrylic + ink on canvas

CP series 5

One of my favorite flowering plants is hydrangea and the one that always catches my eye is the Blue Lacecap. I think it was the first blue flower I had ever seen as a child and it just wowed me!

In Central Park, the bright white flower clusters of the Oakleaf Hydrangea are framed by full green leaves, giving the small tree the aspect of a giant bridal bouquet… they are a favorite backdrop for hundreds of wedding shoots held in the Conservatory Gardens each year.


Central Park Series, 6

24h x 18w
acrylic + ink on canvas

CP series 6

One of the things I love about art is that it can instantly change your brain chemistry. Have you felt that? You see a favorite piece at the de Young or the MET and just become transfixed by it? It’s powerful. I always look for that in my work, a direct shot to the heart. This piece goes directly in. It kind of gives me the ‘ooohhhh”s!


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With much love and gratitude…



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