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Collector appreciation…

One of the paintings I have of Mary’s and love most is “Silver Forest, Blue Coastline”. I have it on my mantelpiece where I can see it every day. It never fails to inspire me with its beauty and positivity. It makes me feel peaceful and energized at the same time. I love it.
Mary Lonergan is an amazing artist. She is at home with pure abstract works as well as the representational. I am fortunate to own several of her works and enjoy them daily. After visiting her in her home, I knew I had to own one of her pieces.

I am more of a fan of representational art and Mary filled the bill for me, with a depiction of woodlands in the northeast. I am also privileged to own a Self Portrait, which I commissioned. I was an Art History major in college and have a deep respect for art and artists. My home is filled with art, even the kitchen!

Working with Mary is a joy and pleasure.

I love my three beautiful prints of nature painted by Mary. Art is emotional to me and these pictures evoke wonderful memories of places I’ve been. Purchasing online was easy and the prints were delivered quickly in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Mary Lonergan Art!!
I am the proud owner of multiple Mary Lonergan paintings ranging in size from 4 inches square to 12 square feet and each piece speaks to me in different ways. Pink Tree Ribbon is a much-needed, calming force in my office and both This Young Warrior and Great Peacemaker (Iroquois) are reminders of great strength, theirs and mine.

Mary has a terrific sense of color and scale for each of her works and her offerings of originals and various prints through her website makes her art attainable to a broader audience, which greatly demonstrates her generosity of wanting to share her passion for art.

I’ve watched Mary’s art for years and always loved the originality and colours, they really brighten up your day. I recently purchased one and had it shipped halfway around the world. It sits in a prominent location and every time someone visits the house you hear the words, wow, amazing, who’s that.. A long conversation follows about art, feminism and powerful women. It’s exactly what I wanted the piece to be.
I saw Mary’s gallery of assorted 4 x 4 flower paintings online and purchased five of them. I was only sad not to have the complete set of ten! I thought they’d make a sweet gift and so far have given one as a birthday gift. However, the rest are still with me, and I’m not in a rush to give them away. They bring color and much joy! It was very easy working with Mary to get the paintings sent out. They arrived well packed and in perfect condition.
It’s been wonderful to watch Mary’s journey as an artist. I’m very lucky to own a couple of her prints and hope to one day own an original.
Mary’s painting, California Landscape, Summer, brings lightness and beauty into the room. While it never demands my attention, it often invites me to pause, to notice its colors and textures, and to remember my own inner lightness and beauty.
I LOVE Mary’s artwork. I have two pieces hanging in my dining room. After purchasing one painting, I felt I needed a companion for the painting and Mary was kind enough to paint another to compliment the one I already had – the two look stunning together. Mary is so easy and accommodation to work with. Her paintings are striking, vibrant and unique. It is wonderful to own original art work, especially from a talented, local artist.
Central Park Series, 5

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