Mary Lonergan

Mary Lonergan is a visual artist and collector in Oakland, California.  Born in Massachusetts, she spent summers at the seacoast and autumn afternoons in the forests of the White Mountains, establishing her love of nature and fascination with color.

As a young woman, Mary headed west where she made her way through various roles in media and tech companies.  Looking for a creative outlet, she found it at an art party in an old, abandoned warehouse where she and several others showed up and began painting. This was the beginning of her journey to full-time art.

While she worked in her studio in the evening, Mary co-founded and curated an employee art program (Art Among Us) at CNET Networks, where she successfully coordinated installments of employee art and initiated a cooperative agreement with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), procuring annual memberships for all San Francisco employees. She is a tenacious advocate for local non-profit and arts organizations including Creative Growth Art Center and Courageous Women Association / Courage House in Oakland.

A full-time artist, Mary has been featured in several international exhibits with OpenArtCode in London, Monaco, Florence and Paris. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and in Australia.


My intention as an artist is to design an essential exchange between the art and viewer.  I want the viewer to feel seen through their interaction with this visual language.

In my practice, I use acrylics and ink to create color saturated paintings.  Color has an immediate effect on the brain which we comprehend and participate in, even when we aren’t consciously aware of how deeply that transmission alters our experience.

My work frequently begins in abstraction, but a portrait or landscape can often emerge when the unexpected brushstroke triggers a longing from a lost connection or a remembrance of a place I once found beautiful.

As we continue to gather further evidence on the profound effect art has on our well-being, it is my hope that we’ll incorporate more art practices into our global communities.  Art provides meaning, beauty and connection, none of which we can live without.

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