Hey, Hey Mama, Said The Way You Move


Greetings lovers!

You’re a music fan, right?  It’s an absolute must when I’m working in the studio.  I like to create really long playlists and have at it.

Here’s some of my newest work.  Enjoy!


acrylic + oil stick on canvas
30h x 40w / $2,200 / ready to hang

Lately I’ve been working in abstraction and the influence of the music I’m listening to is clearly apparent in my work.  I love that reciprocal process.

This new abstract developed over a series of days listening to my very favorite Led Zeppelin IV.  If you haven’t heard that one in awhile, give it a listen.  Quite possibly the best band in the history of…

Black Dog got me to this one.

Jimmy Page.  STELLAR.

acrylic + oil stick + ink on canvas
40h x 30w / $2,200

In this latest abstract,  I built layers of color and texture, then marked it with oil sticks and ink.  I’ve been listening to the band Sir Sly and this piece was inspired by a song called “High” off of their newest release (June 2017) .Some serious GEMS on that record, including a GORGEOUS love song called “Oh Mama”.  I believe that one might need it’s own special painting.

acrylic + oil stick on canvas
40h x 30w / $2,400 / ready to hang

This beauty you see below arrived a few weeks back and I have to say it’s a happy painting…  Everyone who sees it says it makes them feel good, which of course is the point!

I’ve called the west coast home for many years and for those near and far who have experienced her beauty, it’s easily understood how she inspires such a deeply rooted love.


If I can be of service, please don’t hesitate,  I’d love to create something new for you!

Are you on Instagram?  Let’s connect!  You can find me at @MaryLonerganArt

Until then…

Peace + Love + Prosperity to you and yours.

If you’d like to purchase a gift of art that your friends and family will love forever, please inquire about a commissioned piece.MLA gift certificates are also available on my website.


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