Mary Lonergan Art – Summer 2021

Greetings from my studio in Oakland, California!

I hope the Summer season is abundant and a blessing to you, your friends and families. I’ve missed you (seriously!) and want to catch you up on my latest news… I’M OFFICIALLY A FULL-TIME ARTIST!! Can you tell?? This is what a full-time artist looks like! I did a very fun photo shoot with friend and fellow artist Vero Kherian who took this great photo for my new gig!

Last year, my leading intention was ‘LESS FEAR’. It definitely paid off in preparing me for 2021 as I’ve made full-time art a reality. Ten years ago, I launched Mary Lonergan Art online and today I’m very happy to announce my brand new website!

Check out some of my new, original paintings and a variety of high quality prints that come canvas wrapped and ready to hang right out of the box!


In celebration of our decade online, any purchases made in the shop will automatically receive a 10% discount and for our newsletter subscribers, an additional 5% discount is available to you at checkout using code: happytenth Expiration date: Jul 31, 2021


acrylic + ink canvas
24h x 18w

Seriously, who isn’t up for a road trip?? Some recent daydreams, not surprisingly, have been around freedom of movement and travel. Did you see the Stanley Tucci series, “Searching For Italy”?? MY HEART.

My favorite imaginings begin with a treasured destination integrated with the people, food, art and architecture of that region.

This bold abstract feels so optimistic and expectant of a radiant future. The luxury of travel reminds me of the beauty and chaos of new relationships, friendships and collaborations ~ all of which are welcome here.

Art really is an extraordinary way to stay connected with the beauty and energy of life.


acrylic + ink on canvas
18h x 24w

Because of the gold line in this piece, the painting changes with the light depending on your view point. I love it when this happens, it allows endless attention and conversation!

Abstract work provokes curiosity. What is in there?? Do you see…that thing?? My favorite reaction to an abstract work is “how is it possible I somehow immediately feel better standing in front of this painting??”.

We spend a lot of time dismissing what we can’t easily categorize. What if instead, we stayed open to an appreciation of what we don’t immediately understand? Can we allow curiosity to lead?


acrylic on canvas
36h x 60w / ready to hang

I think many of you may know by now about my love affair with California. I’ve been working on some landscapes that are inspired by the gorgeous, natural beauty of my adopted state.

This new landscape, Daydream West, is an imagining of a day trip or an overnight getaway in any one of the gorgeous spots you find along California’s back-roads.

I paint places that I’d most like to spend time. Where are you longing to go??

Mary Lonergan Art Logo

P.S. I’m so looking forward to this new art adventure. It’s been a long road to get to full-time art and though it doesn’t quite feel real, I’ve expanded my studio space with two new easels (thank you family!) and am ready to roll!

Thank you too, for your continued encouragement and for graciously having my art in your homes and businesses.

I am honored by your friendship and trust.

Much Love,


Mary Lonergan Art ~ Summer 2020


Mary Lonergan Art ~ Autumn 2021
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